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Atlas 5 ( Co2, Temperature & Humidity )

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The Atlas 5 is a portable, handheld monitor that measures carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity in your greenhouse or grow enclosure. An excellent reference tool that every gardener needs in their toolbox. Great for use to monitor air quality in indoor gardens, grow shops or commercial settings. Fast, accurate and easy to use, the Atlas 5 is a must for every grower!

  • CO2 Range: 0 Parts Per Million (PPM) to 9,999 PPM.
  • Accurately monitors your grow area or greenhouse.
  • Temperature Range: 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C).
  • Humidity Range: 0.1% to 99.0%.
  • Can be programmed to display: air/dew point/wet bulb temperature.
  • Backlit LCD display function and auto shut-off feature.
  • Runs off 4 AA batteries (included).
  • 1 year warranty.

Q = Can you use a 120 volt power adapter vs. AA batteries to run the Atlas 5?

A = Yes, it can run using a DC adapter that provides a 9 Volt/1 Amp output.  Please note that when a power adapter is used, it will cut off the power supply from the batteries and that the adapter cannot be used as a battery charger.

Q = Does the Atlas 5 have an audible alarm to let me know when my CO2 exceeds the limit?

A = Yes, the Atlas 5 features and audible alarm to warn when the CO2 concentration exceeds your CO2 pre-set limit (See Atlas 5 Download section for more information on setting CO2 limits).  It has a high pitched 80 decibel beep when the CO2 exceeds your setting and stops beeping when any button is pushed, or your readings fall below the setpoint value.  Restart the meter if the alarm will not stop beeping, this usually fixes the problem.