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Crossfire CFC1 CO2 Monitor

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CFC1 Crossfire CO2 Monitor

Model CFC1

The Crossfire MultiCO2 system uses Dual Wavelength NDIR CO2 sensor technology for precision CO2 measurements. Dual Wavelength technology minimizes calibration requirements.

The CFC1 controller incorporates light and temperature sensors. The light sensor, if enabled, will shut off CO2 control when lights are off. CO2 control is also shut off if the temperature exceeds a user settable value.

The controller has 2 5A fused relays with LEDs to control CO2 generators or valves.


  • Precision Dual Wavelength NDIR CO2 sensor technology with temperature and altitude compensation
  • Easy upgrade to a dual zone CO2 system - just plug in the second sensor and the controller automatically begins to use it
  • Light sensors to turn off control when your grow lights are off.
  • High-temperature shut-off with user settable alarms to shut off CO2 control when the  temperature is too high
  • CO2 burner/valve control: 5A fused relay with LED indication per sensor
  • Factory set for most popular settings and large easy to use keypad to change settings if needed
  • Large 10 mm high characters LCD


Power: 100 – 130VAC at 10A max.
Control: 120VAC, 5A fused power socket per sensor with front panel LED indication.
Dimensions: 6.8” (173 mm) x 4.5” (115 mm) x 1.8” (46 mm)
User Interface: 8 character x 2 line LCD. 0.4” (10mm) high characters. 4 button membrane keypad.