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Green Planet Aussie Tonic


Green Planet Aussie Tonic 

AUSSIE TONIC is a complex and unique vitamin supplement and growth stimulator. Aussie Tonic encourages amazing results utilizing the latest that science has to offer.

AUSSIE TONIC contains a full compliment of B vitamins, vitamins A, D, E, K, and C. These all help to increase the cellular activity and relieve shock and stress caused by over or under watering, excess heat or transplanting.

AUSSIE TONIC works on every cycle of the plant’s life, from encouraging cuttings to take root, increasing vegetative production and producing larger fruits and flowers. Aussie Tonic is the ultimate in anti-stress products.

- Complex B vitamin formulation.

- Highly concentrated.

- Extremely effective for relieving stress in your plants.

- Helps accelerate growth.

Aussie Tonic can be used on cuttings, transplants and for general health -