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Green Planet Zyme Capsules


Zyme is a comprehensive blend of cell wall degrading enzymes and bio catalysts in a dry encapsulated formulation. The enzymes in zyme have the ability to degrade and convert dead plant material such as discarded roots and other organic matter into usable and readily available nutrients that keep the plant strong and robust whilst reducing potential pathogens and growth retarding toxins. Zyme capsules should be an integral component in every garden.

Dried capsule format comprising the widest form of enzymes giving it the largest range of enzymes
Enzymes in liquid form will start to degrade as soon as they are created
Most formulas have 3 or 4 enzymes; Zyme Caps has 19. They are active at different pH levels
Indefinite shelf life; More concentrated; More cost effective
In soil application put it into the reservoir a few hours before nutrient allowing time for it to break down and become more active
Speeds up processes in the root zone, breaking down dead material and enabling to customer to re-use their growing media, often giving them a better yield due to the increased microbiological activity in the media.

Zyme contains nineteen different enzymes all with specific functions designed to keep your root zone clean and healthy. A healthy root zone is an efficient root zone allowing for maximum yields. The formulation is proprietary so wont list all the enzymes but you can be assured that zyme is the best enzyme supplement on the market. Over a decade of happy satisfied growers can attest to that. 

 Key Points

  • Dry formulation for maximum performance
  • 19 different enzymes
  • Bio Catalysts
  • Maintains a healthy rootzone
  • Extremely Concentrated -1 capsule for 10 gal per 40 litres of water
  • Attractive point of purchase packaging
  • Proven to be the most effective enzyme on the market today
  • Fights pathogens
  • Makes nutrients more available
  • Bacterial and fungi free
  • Zyme can be used in hydroponics or soil
  • Can be used with hydrogen peroxide
  • Indefinite shelf life