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Sea Soil
Sea Soil
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Sea Soil

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CONTAINER COMPLETE is made with Organic ingredients! Finely screened, award winning SEA SOIL with a precise blend of Perlite, Coco Coir and Azomite to create a complete container Mix. Azomite is 100% natural, supports plant growth and helps remineralize your garden for healthy fruits, flowers and vegetables.

SEA SOIL ORIGINAL                                                                                                 

Created from a mixture of fish and forest fines. This top-quality product is rich in colour and in nutrients while maintaining a neutral pH. SEA SOIL™ contains all necessary micro and macro nutrients to grow a healthy garden, is weed-free, and is an excellent way to retain moisture. SEA SOIL™ is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). With no fish odour, this two year composted soil is a complete soil for your garden.


  • Organically fertilized with fish
  • Retains moisture
  • Breaks up clay and increases organic content
  • Promotes strong root development

Directions For Use

  • POTTING: Blend with your existing soil to fertilize and improve soil conditions.
  • TRESS AND SHRUBS: Blend SEA SOIL around base of tree or shrub at a desired thickness to naturally fertilize or plant directly into SEA SOIL.
  • TOP DRESSING MULCH: Apply a desired thickness of SEA SOIL to your plant bed or garden to protect and fertilize.
  • LAWNS: Rake in SEA SOIL evenly in the area to be fertilized or patched. Follow grass seed directions if seeding.
  • 1 BAG = 9 square feet area spread 2 inches thick



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