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About Us

Garden Effects started in 1999 in Richmond British Columbia, Canada. We Have been serving the industry well over a decade. We understand customer service and give our best at all time's. Were here to help you and give you the high quality service that our customer's deserve day in and day out.

We specialize in a wide range of garden supplies and aim to give you the widest choice at great prices. We work with the leading manufacturers to bring you the best prices and equipment.

We stock a high quality range of products; Grow lights & Ballast, Growing mediums, Nutrients, Pumps, Co2  and much more. You name it we stock it. We work with the leading brands to name a few Advanced Nutrients, Canna, General Hydroponics, Grotek, Green Planet, Botanicare much much more.


We have parking in front we also have rear access bay door for loading up quick and easy and away you go