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Anden Dehumidifier's  (Please Call For Availability And Current Prices)

Anden Dehumidifier's (Please Call For Availability And Current Prices)

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For over 80 years, the folks at Anden have been producing commercial-grade environmental controls that work for operations of all sizes. Their tough-as-nails products work in the extreme conditions of growing environments and are trusted to deliver reliable results. Their advanced technology has produced the only environment-control products on the market designed to pull moisture from the air even in low temperatures. From small to large and all sizes in between, Anden makes a dehumidifier perfect for your growing environment no matter the size of your operation. With energy efficient and grow-optimized units that pull 95 pints (45 liters) of water out of the air daily to those that can pull a whopping 710 pints (336 liters) per day, there is an Anden system sized just right for you.

  Anden products are user-friendly too. They are simple to setup, operate and maintain. Anden builds the most intelligent dehumidifiers in their class. With onboard as well as remote sensing and diagnostics, humidity can be monitored and managed constantly to prevent diseases and pests on your valuable crop. On top of that, their customer service is top-notch and available whenever you need them. Anden stands behind their work too. Growing operations are often harsh environments. Environmental controls need to be able to stand up to the wide range of temperature, humidity, moisture, and vigorous use that they may be exposed to. Anden products are so sure of the ability of their product performance to do just that, that they offer a generous, five-year warranty.

 Anden dehumidifiers are more sophisticated than their competition. Their systems can modulate the rate of dehumidification in a grow room based upon the specific conditions in each growing environment and at each stage of plant development so that proper levels of humidity can be maintained from seeding to harvest to storage. This brings a level of stability to the growing environment that their competitors cannot match.


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