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Gavita Pro 6/750e DE FLEX US ( Special Order )

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  • Gavita Pro 6/750e DE FLEX US

    The best just got better! The new Gavita Pro line e-series are improved models and are suitable for central control with the Gavita Master lighting controllers. Now you can have complete lighting control at your fingertips.

    New in the Pro line e-series is the 6/750e DE FLEX fixture, which utilizes a newly developed Gavita double ended Pro 750W 400V EL lamp. The control range of this lamp is 400-825W, bridging the gap between 600W and 1000W lamps. We named it 6/750 DE FLEX because it is as efficient running on 600W as it is on 750W. In many cases it is a retrofit replacement for a 1000W air cooled fixture, while running at just 825W. This will save you up to 20% electricity. The output of the lamp, running at 750W, is 1500 μmol s-1 (2 μmol s-1 per Watt).

    Gavita Pro line HPS fixtures are the professional standard for efficient climate room lighting. Running on standard 240 V they power the high voltage horticultural electronic lamps, which are superior in spectrum, light output and light maintenance over time.

    Features & Benefits

    • plug playNew! Right-size your light for any size room
    • Comes with the new Gavita Pro 750W 400V EL DE lamp, 1500 μmol s-1
    • Gavita double ended lamp has high efficiency range from 600-825W
    • Total control range 50-110%
    • Suitable for Gavita Master Controller
    • Plug-and-play installation
    • Lights more than 1,5 square meters with 1000 μmol m-2 s-1



    • Input Voltage:120-240V (± 10%)
    • Input Voltage 1:120 V
    • Input Current 1:7.55A (at 100%)    8.25A (at 110%)
    • Input Power 1:805W (at 100%)    880W (at 110%)
    • Input Voltage 2:240 V
    • Input Current 2:3.5A (at 100%)    3.9A (at 110%)
    • Input Power 2:795W (at 100%)    870W (at 110%)
    • Power Factor:0.95 - 0,98
    • THD:<10%
    • Input Frequency:50-60Hz
    • Input Connection:IEC C14
    • Adjustable:400/500/600/750/825W/EXT
    • Operating Temp. (°C):32 -95 °F
    • Case Temp. (°C):75
    • Certification:CSA
    • External dim:Gavita Master controller analog protocol (<11,5V)
    • External dim connector:1 x RJ14 connector build in (6P4C)
    • Article Number:
    • EAN code:8718403053272


    • Accessories Included:

      User manual, 120V power cord,2 RJ14 controller cables and a T-splitter for plug and play installation, Gavita Pro electronic lamp, 3 years warranty