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Ardent Flex Nova Lift Decarboxylator


The Ardent Nova Decarboxylator always leaves your herbs in the perfect state to be used in edibles, lotions, or tinctures. It’s the simplest and most efficient way, so far, to decarb flower so that it can be used in other ways. You don’t have to worry about closely monitoring your product or worrying that they’ll get charred or burned, the Nova does the job better than you ever could. So, if you’re interested in doing more with your herb besides smoking it, the Nova is the perfect appliance for you.

This unit is 110v and 90watts.


  • Full activation of THC in your flower, kief or concentrates
  • Use to infuse butter and oil! (see link below for how-to video)
  • Odorless and mess free, no cleanup necessary
  • Easy to use from your home (unit is 7.5″ x 4″)
  • Holds up to 1 ounce of flower or 5 ounces of kief
  • Get more out of your material
  • Preserve the maxiumum amount of terpenes
  • No more messy, smelly butters the NOVA is quiet and odorless
  • Save herb by utilizing every bit of THC with a full decarb
  • Prepare your own medicine for oral, sublingual and topical use at home
  • Make strain specific edibles and taste the difference