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Advance Nutrients Bud Ignitor

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When you pour Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor into your nutrient reservoir you can enjoy the confidence of knowing you’re giving your plants everything they need during the critical bloom phase. Contains specific plant nutrients and kelp (a potent seaweed) to force indoor gardens to start flowering earlier. You’ll also love that your plants give you more flowers per watt and faster harvests.

 Advanced Nutrients Bud Ignitor is Available is 1L, 4L, and 10L. from Garden Effects. In the world of hydroponics and growing, you can enhance growth while  promoting flowering. Plants genetic clock is usually shifted with the 12-hour light cycle  and fertilizer  change over to bloom. scientists have discovered there is a  secret. Your plants absolutely will maximize flowerings sites per stem when you provide specialized nutrition to them during the early bloom phase. This will ramp up your plants' internal production of metabolic triggers resulting in maximizing your budding sites. The result you maximize the amount of flowers on each plant.  You'll notice dense floral growth and continuous floral structures that run up and down the length of the plants' stems.

• Promotes eye-popping flowering
• Maximizes the number of flowering sites per stem
• 100% guaranteed to enhance bloom cycle results!
• Plants get what they need when they need it!
• Saves time and money getting MAXIMUM harvests

Available size: 1-Liter (35 oz)

Mix 2 ml per liter (0.4 tsp per quart) of water during the first 2-weeks of your flowering phase.