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Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Hydro Bloom Formula


The Pure Blend® Pro Bloom Formula

Pure Blend® Pro Bloom 2-3-5 fruit and flower blooming base nutrient contains only natural sources of essential major, secondary, and trace minerals from the land and sea in a 100% soluble form.These ingredients encourage the development of vigorous buds, fruits, and flowers. Providing increased nutritional value for blooming fruiting and flowering plants Pure Blend Pro Bloom is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional chemical fertilizers. Formulated for all hydroponic systems. 100% plant soluble organics for fast absorption. Increases budding, flowering, and fruiting capacity. Essential elements are not derived from harmful chemicals such as urea and ammonia nitrate. Eliminates the plant's exposure (and ultimately the consumer) to toxic heavy metals which can occur as contaminates in chemical fertilizers. The organic components of Pure Blend Pro enhance uptake and utilization of plant nutrients. Amplified Metabolic rate and capacity enables plants to produce fruits and vegetables with more minerals and vitamins.

Fruit & Flower Formula. Botanicare Pure Blend Pro Bloom (2.5-2-5) is a hydro-organic fruit and flower formula which is a custom blend of organic and natural sources of the essential major, secondary and trace minerals. Available in a 100% soluble form.

When compared to conventional chemical fertilizers, this amazing plant nutrient will provide increased nutritional values and is a healthy, earth-friendly alternative. Produces superior fruits, flowers and vegetables.

• Essential elements are NOT derived from harmful chemicals such as a urea and ammonia nitrate.
• Eliminates the danger of exposing plants (and ultimately you) to toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury, selenium, etc. which often occur as contaminants in conventional chemical fertilizers.
• Plants acquire increased pathogen resistance and hardiness.
• Metabolic rate and capacity is greatly amplified enabling the grower to produce fruits and vegetables that contain greater amounts of minerals and vitamins that are crucial for human nutrition.
• The budding, flowering, fruiting capacity of plants is greatly increased.

Mix 1-1/2 tsp. to 3 Tbsp. per gallon of water, depending on plant size. For best

Ingredients: Fish meal, composted seabird guano, kelp, amino acids, rock phosphate, potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate.

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient:
0.01% Humic acid derived from leonardite