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Doktor Doom House & Garden Insecticide Spray 515g - Garden Effects -Indoor and outdoor Garden Supply

Doktor Doom House & Garden Insecticide Spray 515g

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INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Thoroughly treats cracks, crevices, and spots along and behind baseboards, underneath furniture and equipment, around garbage containers, localized areas of floors and floor coverings and other places where insects hide or are seen. Spot Treatment for House Flies: Spray spots on surfaces of screen frames, doors, window frames, foundations, patios, light fixtures and other places where insects may alight, or congregate and enter. The insects will be killed when they land and crawl on the treated surfaces. Crawling Insects: Spray hiding places such as baseboards, moist areas, openings around sinks, drains and pipes, behind cabinets and storage areas. Spray ant trails, around door sills, window frames, or in ant nests. Do not use in food storage areas or on surfaces that may contain food. To Control Fleas & Brown Dog Ticks: Spray infested areas such as pet’s bed and resting quarters, nearby cracks and crevices, along and behind baseboards, window and door frames, and localized areas of floor and floor covering where these pests may be present. Remove old bedding after treatment. Insects must be contacted to be killed.


Sucking Insects: Exposed Thrips, leafhoppers, aphids, rose midges.

Chewing Insects: Leaf Eating Caterpillars. For insects on Asters, Azaleas, Begonias, Chrysanthemums, Dahlias, Delphiniums, Gladioli, Irises, Marigolds, Petunias, Roses, and Snapdragons. Evergreens, small Deciduous trees, shrubs, and vines: Carefully spray with slow sweeping motion keeping 30 cm to 45 cm away from the plants to avoid wetting the foliage. A light spray kills pests effectively. Spray only when the air is still and the temperature, is under 32°C. Do not spray in direct sunlight – early morning or evening preferred. Use with caution on young plants and new growth. Insects must be contacted by spray to be killed. Do not use on fruits or vegetables.


1.60 day Continuous Cock Roach killing action from one application. UV Rays break this product down. Reapply as needed in sunny locations.
2.Recommended for use on all ornamentals, trees, vines (Virginia Creeper, English Ivies, Hops etc.) and evergreens.
3. NOT for use on Food Crops.
4. Ideal for controlling numerous insects such as  ants, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, and ticks. When applying in a sunny area cover to prevent UV breakdown.
5. Spray shaded areas of yard to eliminate 100's of insects.
6. Spray all cracks & crevices, screens, exterior & interior lighting & door sills to prevent insects from entering your home cottage or cabin.
7. Ideal for use on pet bedding, carpets & furniture to eliminate flea's & ticks.

DOKTORDOOM House & Garden Insecticide Spray is a very cost effective way to control insects within your home and garden.
 Use less chemical products - one application.
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