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Dr. Doom Fumigator

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The biggest benefit to using Total Release Fumigators is that they are made with natural pyrethrum.
They Biologically break down in a couple of hours thus providing very fast re-entry times to fumigated areas.
They don't have a strong odor ( peace of mind, no long lasting obnoxious odors lingering).
If used in conjunction with Doktor Doom Residual Products you'll have a bug-free environment.
Use the fumigants first to flush out and eradicate the insects and then follow up with the Residuals to prevent further enter of pests into your home or your gardening environment.

Also Great for eliminating wasp nests under steps & porches or to fumigate your average size room up to 1greenhouses, attics, crawl spaces or wherever else you have a major infestation of insects.

150-gram Total Release Fumigator: Great for larger rooms within the home, cabins, small airplanes, boats, larger attics, greenhouses, garages etc Fumigate areas up to 

400-gram Hi-Pressure Fumigator ideal for use in areas with a heavy infestation of insects also for use in larger areas- will fumigate areas up to 

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