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Gaia Green 1-0-2 Kelp Meal - Garden Effects -Indoor and Outdoor Gardening Supplies

Gaia Green 1-0-2 Kelp Meal

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GAIA GREEN Kelp Meal is a rich source of plant nutrients. Particularly high in potassium, Kelp Meal adds organic matter to the soil to enhance plant nutrition and improve resistance to abiotic stress. Due to the slow breakdown of kelp meal over time, benefits may be observed for years after the initial application. This product can be used on home gardens, landscapes, lawn, and turf, and is suitable for a full range of plant types. GAIA GREEN Kelp Meal is approved for use in organic agriculture by Ecocert Canada. Long lasting non-synthetic fertilizer and soil amendment that has been used long before the advent of. modern agriculture. Helps improve soil structure and nutrient holding capacity. Provides benefits for years after the initial application.


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