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Drying- Generally, we recommend a 8-12 day dry.  8 days is recommended for the smaller flowers, While 12 days is recommended for the bigger and dense batch.  The dry room should be at around 16°C and 60% RH.  There should be even air circulation without having direct air flow on drying flowers or towards a wall.

Curing- Now that your Flower is properly dry, it is time to place it into one of Grove Bags, pouches or wickets.  When filling, we recommend leaving a minimum of 25% of the bag "empty" for headspace that will power our technology.  After closure, our film will bring the internal environment to 58-62% RH to create the perfect microclimate to cure your Cannabis.  While curing, store your product in a well-ventilated and cool area (ideally,16°C,but never above 21°C)

Sealing- Always confirm the device that you are using is properly heated.  We recommend using baking paper or aluminum foil in coalition with the iron.  After the heating process, release and repeat if necessary. 

Storing- Store your Grove Bags in a cool, dark room, preferably around 16°C.  Flower respiration doubles with every 9°C higher that it is stored in wich increases the risk of moisture-related weight loss. 

  • NO Humidity Packs Required
  • NO Burping Required
  • Terpene Preservation
  • Weight Retention
  • Mold Prevention