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This Marina Air Pump series offers reliable and quiet delivery of air into your aquarium, helping to oxygenate the water for the health and benefit of your fish

These smart air pumps from Marina replace their Elite range. The new model has improved sound reduction and a higher output, so whether you are upgrading an old model or simply looking for a new air pump, this new range from Marina is perfect.

An air pump is essential if you want to add a flow of bubbles to your aquarium. Bubbles can help to share oxygen around the tank, which avoids any stagnant areas. A stream of bubbles looks great too, and adds interest. A pump is also needed to power any air operated ornaments, and if you are using a protein skimmer.

Each pump runs at a very low volume, thanks to the sound proofing cover and soft rubber feet that reduces vibration.

Each unit has a long lasting diaphragm too so you can rely on a strong, durable performance. The larger air pump has double outlets, whereas the smaller units have a single outlet.