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Mo Koko 50L ( Out of Stock )


100% recyclable MO’KOKO is an excellent alternative for the environmentally conscious grower.

• Excellent for cultivating ornamental plants,vegetables and potted plants.

• Pre-washed and buffered to prevent calcium and magnesium lockout while stabilizing pH values.

• Low EC value.

• Free of harmful parasites and disease.

• Completely recyclable and renewable.

• Excellent air to water ratio.

• Can be used alone as a soilless medium or as a conditioner with other grow media.

Type: Coco coir, loose ready-to-use

Use: All purpose media

PH: Neutral

Properties: High Water Retention/Aeration Ratio, Eco-Friendly, Reusable

Unit size: 17"(43)x5"(12.5)x26"(66)

Qty per case/bundle: 70/Skid