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Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel


Rootech Cloning Gel by Technaflora Plant Products is a premium formulation of hormones, vitamins and nutrients ideal for promoting rapid, healthy root development for clones. This thick, rich gel adheres to the plant cutting throughout the rooting phase, sealing cut tissue immediately and reducing the risk of embolism or infection.

Rootech Cloning Gel comes in a ready-to-use, wide-lid container, into which several cuttings can be dipped at the same time, without fear of tipping or spills. Unique in the industry, and currently registered with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, under the authority of the Fertilizers Act (registration #990008A), Rootech enjoys governmental recognition as a safe and effective plant rooting product. Technaflora Rootech Cloning Gel is among the strongest on the market, with a concentration of 0.55% (5.5 g/L) IBA (indole butyric acid) and is available in 2 ounce, 4 ounce, and 8 ounce sizes.